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Bobbie Larson, C.Ht, Reiki, & Business Coach

Hi, I'm Bobbie

I see you struggling the way I did, frustrated with trying to be all things, to all people.

I see the self-sabotaging behaviors that allow you to cover up the hurt, the forward movement that you can't seem to make, and the missed opportunites you deserve.

I recognize the need to be the perfect mom, partner, business owner, friend, or family member by never saying "no" or setting boundaries with your time, money, or energy.

I see your fear of financial failure or even financial success.

I see you missing your kids because of long hours at the office.

I recognize the struggle of ignoring your mental and physical health due to a lack of focus, time, or support.

Bobbie Larson, C.Ht, Reiki, & Business Coach

“Women can have it all - a successful career, happy marriage, and motherhood. It's not one or another. It's about being able fit it all in with stride. A strong woman can have all this because we were built for it. - Strong by Kailin Gow”

This does not have to be your path.

You don't have to struggle any longer. But I totally get it because I have been there.

You want to find balance in your life. You want to have a successful career and be a present parent, partner, and friend. 


You just don't know how to make this all happen. 

Hey there, I'm Bobbie

I help women in the wellness industry to transcend self-sabotaging behaviors and self-limiting beliefs to become the masters of their lives, ultimately finding a peaceful and successful work-life balance.

It's time to step into your magic.

Bobbie Larson, C.Ht, Reiki, & Business Coach

​I want to invite you to take a moment to check in with yourself. You landed here for a reason. Most of the time my clients find me at just the right moment for whatever change or shift they are about to make.


We all have Intuition that when we take a moment to listen, brings us to our truth and steers us on the path we must follow. It is only until we are on that path, that we are able to live fulfilled lives. 

After almost twenty years in the Holistic Wellness community, as business support to Healers of various backgrounds and modalities, I began to take stock of my innate powers that bring change to other people's lives. I could no longer silence my true nature and began to recognize that I was not just supporting Healers with my business training, but on a deeper, subconscious level. I have an innate understanding of the subconscious and human suffering. This understanding allows me to be a support to people as they uncover their inner fears and traumas, face them head on, and release the hold their fears and traumas have had on them. What results is a whole being experience and a powerful movement into a new, complete version of oneself.

​My studies in mysticism, philosophy, and spiritualism began in 1996 when I was gifted my first set of Tarot cards and a book of spells. Soon after, I began reading books on Taoism, world religions, paganism, sociology, psychology, and the human experience. 

​In 2005 I became a yoga instructor at which point I realized I needed some business skills so I began the slow progress in completing my schooling. In 2006 I was recruited to work in Human Resources for an integrative pharmacy. I also received an AS in Sociology. I opened my yoga studio in 2009.

I received my BS in Business Administration from Sonoma State University in 2014. I have managed spas, wellness clinics, and worked in eCommerce, logistics, and marketing for holistic based skincare companies. 

​But in order for me to fully show up for my clients I knew there was more work to be done. I had my own traumas, painful childhood experiences, and blockages that were imbedded in my subconscious. Things that held my mind and body captive in a perpetual fight or flight mode. I could not move past a certain point in my career, finding myself in the same situations over and over, never moving to the next level. My marriage and my children drained me even further, as I tried to navigate building businesses and being a stay-at-home mom. I couldn't find balance or fulfillment in my life because the expectations I had placed on myself were impossible and the self-judgment was ever present. I wasn't ever good enough.

Sound familiar?


So, as the final part of my training I found myself becoming a Certified Hypnotherapist to help more people move past the blockages, stories, and behaviors that keep them from living their most fulfilled lives. My training ended up being the healing that I needed to move through and reach the version of myself I have been trying to find for decades!

​All these things to bring me the skills and knowledge to support my clients in being open, focused and ready to experience JOY and SUCCESS that can only be realized when we heal our inner child wounds.​

Bobbie Larson, C.Ht, Reiki, & Business Coach
Bobbie Larson, C.Ht, Reiki, & Business Coach


Fun Facts About Me

  • I'm a textbook Capricorn (if you know, you know).

  • I am a black cat enthusiast and advocate. I dream of having a black cat rescue facility one day.

  • As a child, I hitchhiked across the country with my mom. 

  • I didn't get my driver's license until I was 21.

  • I am a Witch and make no apologies for it.

  • I'm married to my middle school sweetheart and after 30 years, I still kind of like him.

  • My garden is my happy place.

  • I am claircognizant and a little bit psychic. 

  • I recently became the Vice President of the Russian River's Black Hat Society.

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