Rescuing the Inner Child 

Through this process we explore long forgotten early childhood memories for the source of a wounding experiences that continue to impact the adult subconsciously. Inner Child Rescue Missions not only allows you to re-experience the emotions but also engages you actively with the memory of the event itself. The child within is brought back to the present in order to properly meet its needs and as an adult helping to nurture the child in the process. Often times an Inner Family is established to provide self soothing, strength, and guidance. This process may benefit those who battle:

  • not feeling good enough or feeling that you don't matter

  • believing that other people's happiness is more important than your own

  • fears of abandonment and being alone

  • attracting emotionally unavailable partners

  • dislike of work or fear of success/money

  • setting healthy boundaries

  • inability to be vulnerable, to trust, or to be seen and loved for who you are