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Bobbie Larson, C.Ht, Reiki & Business Coach

Healing the Mother Wound

The Mother is the source of much of how we show up and are seen in this world. Many of us experience detrimental emotional trauma and wounding from the relationships we have/had with our Mothers. So big are these wounds that we may find that we are frozen in our lives, unable to experience it fully. Much like Rescuing the Inner Child, we will explore a past memories when your Mother created a subconscious belief patterns and re-frame them to no longer hold you back. This process may benefit those who battle:


  • numbing out (social media, shopping, etc.)

  • feeling like a child, powerless, or panic stricken

  • extreme cycles (bingeing, deprivation) of food, exercise, diets, sex, etc.

  • self-sabotage when you are close to a breakthrough

  • never feeling good enough

  • people pleasing

  • feeling like you're being a good person based on enduring poor treatment from others

  • approval-seeking (rejection feels crushing and destabilizing)



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