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Monetize Your Social Media Following

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

So I am what they call a "Xennial." Born between the years of 1977 and 1985, Xennials have an interesting role in society. We have an amazing grasp on social media and have stepped, unapologetically, into the idea that our lives are interesting and should be shared. All. The. Time. While I find that personally I need to place boundaries on how much I use social media (for my sanity), I see many of my peers and younger generations, building audiences of followers that connect with them in a way that they may not be able to connect with people in their immediate community. We all have friends and family but that doesn't always mean they support our passions and opinions.

For example, I have an interest in bats. I love bats! They are so cute, do amazing things for our ecosystems, and are very intelligent with complex social systems. I don't know anyone that loves them as much as I do. But I've found those people...on social media. And now my quirky obsession is validated. And isn't that what we are all seeking...validation?

As we build our vast social networks through our preferred social media outlets, we have a tendency to take for granted how many people are actually listening to us. For instance, I have a very humble following of around 900 people on Facebook. But when I really stop to imagine that many people in one place, I'm completely blown away that that many people are interested in what I have to say. If they didn't have an interest, they could hit that unfollow button pretty easily and I probably wouldn't even notice.

I think we all tend to forget that what we have to say is important. My message of health (for people and the planet) and prosperity (for people and the planet) is a good one. It is a message I strongly believe in and that I have a social and economic responsibility to share. This is what I want to remind you...your message is important!

So how are you taking your message and turning it into dollars? You see, when we are afraid to share our message we are doing no one any favors. If we value ourselves, we should value our ability to monetize our message. Money is not the root of all evil if you are able to reinvest in furthering your cause. This is why philanthropy exists. As humans evolve they have an innate need to give back to their community. How can you do this if you are not using your social platform to strengthen your financial stability? Money equals time and location freedom. It allows you donate your time physically or donate actual money to organizations you believe in. So it makes sense that finding a way to monetize your social media following will not only help you build your finances but in the end, help you grow as a person of character. As a leader in your community.

So what are you doing to monetize your social media following? Is it true to your belief system? Are you sharing a message that is kind to the earth and to humanity? Or can you do better?

I help entrepreneurs like yourself use your social media followings to create residual income streams so that you can do the work in your community that really speaks to your heart and allows you to make change in the world.

Let's start a conversation. Follow me, message me, and I'll follow you back. Let's create a social network of like-minded, supportive people!!

With Love & Light,


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