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The Lessons of Meditation in Entrepreneurship

About ten days ago my friend sent me a WhatsApp group message. She is a friend I've known since high school that I have only recently reconnected with because we have both found ourselves in the Wellness industry and have a lot in common, even after 25 years! I am convinced that the people that knew you when you were younger are the real people you need around you as you get older.

The message was asking the group if we would like to join a 21 Day Abundance Meditation practice. It includes short writing assignments and focused mediations prerecorded by Deepak Chopra. The meditations have mantras and affirmations to recite as needed throughout your day. It is all very doable and very straightforward. I was in. But I found it interesting that as the days went on, people completely dropped off.

Day 5 was the catalyst to that drop off. The assignment was to invite and begin to lead your own group on this journey. I froze for a second. Do I have time for this? Will this even work? Am I just doing another self-development thing to keep from doing REAL work. And then I realized, everything I have done or accomplished, or that has helped me grow has come to me in a similar way. Things fall into my lap. This was clearly one of those times. So I did it. And my group is on Day 4 and so far, they are sticking...until tomorrow (Day 5).

So feeling all proud of myself for being a leader, I hit Day 6. I hated Day 6. Day 6 was when my inner child wanted to throw a tantrum. I wanted to cheat my way out of it. Just not do it. No one would know. Maybe I can just do half of it? Or even a will totally still have the same outcome if I just do a quarter of the work right? Fuck.

I'm reminded of an example that Eric Worre (Network Marketing Pro) gave in one of his presentations. He explained that an airplane can never soar, or even leave the ground, if it is only given 25% throttle. Or even 90% throttle. You have to make the decision to go all in 100%, to fly and reach new heights.

Something about this process and completing all the tasks (to the fullest) seems so important now. It's like, how can I lead a group through this process if I can't even complete the process myself? If I don't go all in, why would anyone else?

This is what true Entrepreneurship looks like. Recognizing your weaknesses, your triggers, your inner child wounds, but not letting them hold you back. Looking ahead with your eye on the prize while continuing to grow and develop in the present to be able to reach your goals. This is some sexy, magical shit!

So what did we learn today, folks? Well, we learned that old friends are often times the ones that bring you back to where you were in your spirit, before all the bullshit of life got in the way. We learned that some people will rise to challenges while other's will make excuses and drop out because they are not ready to expand into their own power. And we have learned that being an Entrepreneur is sexy and magical but only when we continue to grow and evolve, and go full throttle. It's time to fly!!

Are you going all in on your business or are you only putting half throttle (or less)? Are there things that need attention in your life but you can't find the time or energy to give to them? Let's chat and see what can be done. I have some ideas for you. Contact Me.

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