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The Reiki Experience

Last week I started my process of becoming Reiki Certified. For those that don't know what Reiki is, it can best be described as moving "universal life force energy" through the body to maintain optimal physical, spiritual, and emotional health.

And it's no joke!

I want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to my own healing adventures. I am in no way done with my "healing journey." I don't really think any of us ever truly are. Things can trigger us in very unexpected ways, at any time. We are all, always a work in progress.

I was called to Reiki many years ago. But at that time, I did not understand why or how or even what it was I was being called to do exactly. It wasn't until I started working in hypnotherapy and coaching that I understood this important ingredient in helping my clients. So here I am, learning and HEALING in ways that I didn't expect!

My attunement (session) took me into some painful inner child wounding that reconnected me to my deceased mother and her brutal death when I was just seven years old. My heart had been feeling blocked. I kept envisioning my heart encased in stone. I knew I needed to begin to chip away at this, sit in the pain no matter how uncomfortable, and move through it in a supportive and healing environment.

I was not disappointed. These days after, I have continued to process what I have experienced and the emotions that have been coming up for me. The healing is in the processing and giving yourself time to reflect.

What I love about doing Shadow Work is that when it's over and things have been exposed, examined, and released there is always this greater sense of connection to those around us. Our humanity becomes more tangible and the differences between us begin to fade. Forgiveness, understanding, and love for our fellow messy humans is inevitable when we begin to dive into the dirty work of healing.

So I share this to remind you that you don't heal for just yourself. You heal for a greater sense of community and connection to others. You heal for forgiveness and to resonate on a different energy level that brings in more amazing experiences, opportunities, and most importantly; love.

If you are ready to do some of your own Shadow Work book a 30 Free Consultation Call to see if we vibe. You'll never know, until you try.

With Love,


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