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Is Network Marketing right for me?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

In my opinion there are no business models as awesome as Network Marketing. The barriers of entry are almost non-existent. You are invited to start a business regardless of education, sex, sexual preference, socio-economic background, or even your credit score. There is no other business where you can drop less than $500 (maybe $2,000 at the most) and receive free training, self-development skills, products that you love, and have the capacity to earn more than the owner’s of the company.

However, when I say that there is “almost” no barrier to entry, I am referring to one very big one...You.

I have been in MLM’s (multi-level marketing) for nine years. I started with my first company because I found that I loved the products so much, it made sense that I would get paid to share them. This is what we call in the business the “Social Sharing Economy” (but that’s another blog for another day). I had worked retail for a long time and I had a knack for telling customers about products with a contagious enthusiasm. I also LOVE hosting parties. So, I started my candle business and it was good fun. I had devoted customers, made some extra cash, and enjoyed the parties!

When I joined my next MLM, I was in a very different head space. I actually joined because I needed help. I was sick, physically, emotionally, and ready for a change. A friend was sharing her story online and I started watching her transformation. I trusted her. We had similar stories. And I wanted to know how she was making amazing change happen in her health and her life. So I reached out. She got me on the phone with her other friend in the organization, and because I was familiar with the MLM model, I signed up for the products and the business. I did it with no other real intention but to share and make my money back. That was two and half years later. I had no idea my life would go in this direction!!

So what do I mean when I say that You are the only barrier to entry? Well, let me ask you a few questions. How willing are you to unlearn what you think you know? Are you stubborn? Are you coachable? Do you follow directions well? Are you a planner, waking up and making sure you have written a list of to-do’s...and then actually doing them? Do you genuinely want to help people? Are you willing to learn skills to become a Leader in the Field? What motivates you? Do you have a lack of belief in Network Marketing? Do you have a fear of success? Do you have a fear of failure?

As you can tell, these questions aren’t so easy to answer. Many of them come with a history of social programming, upbringing, family dynamics, and self esteem issues.

We often say in Networking Marketing that what we do is “self development with a compensation plan.” I can’t think of a better way to describe it than that. If you are not busy growing in this industry, seeking out more ways to get better, you won’t make it a career. You may make a few dollars here and there, but inevitably you will quit. And not only that, you will blame the business model for your failure, skirting any responsibility for your lack of action.

That brings me back to You. Are you ready to make uncomfortable, positive life changing sacrifices to get yourself to a better place emotionally, physically, and financially? Can you see a future for yourself and your family that is so big, you would do anything to make it a reality? Are you hungry to live in a world that is healthy, with healthy people, a healthy planet, and prosperous?

If you are, I am ready to help you get there! Message me and let’s discuss ways we can work together.

With Love & Light,


P.S. This gang of Wellnesspreneurs are making the world a better place through sharing Non-gmo, organic, superfood lifestyle changes. Are you an Agent of Change?

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